Ostrea Lake Pottery has been producing quality pottery since 1979. Each piece is made by hand using a potter’s wheel or slab work and fired in a kiln to 1000 C to make the piece, which is extremely fragile at this point, strong enough to be handled during the glazing and decorating process. The piece is then coated in several layers of overlapping glazes to give it a fluid quality. Fired a second time, to 1200 C. This last firing takes 12-14 hours to reach temperature and 36 to cool. This higher firing temperature makes the piece stronger and more durable. The glazes I use can vary in colour from piece to piece and even with the same piece. This I feel adds to its beauty and charm and makes each piece unique.

DSC_0265-fish platter-2
large fish platter
I  received this award at the Atlantic Craft Trade Show 2017





4 thoughts on “About

  1. Marie-Andrée Berthold

    Hello! Just want to let you know that your artwork travels: I found a beautiful pitcher/goblets/plate ensemble of yours in a thrift store in Sherbrooke, Quebec! So lucky to have found this gem!!!
    It is gorgeous!! 🙂


  2. Ethel Landry

    I have numerous pieces of your works over the years. One candle stick got broken along did the cover of a sugar dis. . What would be the chance of getting this replaced. I could send pictures. At least 20 years old


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